Charlie is dead! And the music world praises his style. And there are Ringo and Lars. Both are also famous and stigmatized as unprecise, sloppy, etc. Does imperfection lead to fame?

It is not only happening in the drummer world. I also applies to guitar players, bassists, singers presenters, the “muso-police” bitches about some sloppy performers. But on the other hand it is always “sloppy” performers who earn the biggest respect and fame from the music consuming majority of the human fellowship out there.

Why is that? They say: “Perfection is boring, perfection doesn’t exist in nature (mh, really?), perfection doesn’t lead to happiness!”

David Lee Roth, Keith Richard, Bod Dylan, Randy Newman, the likes. Sloppy and weird up to the wazoo. And the perfect players end up in jazz, party bands …! I’d like to know what you guys think. What would be the right combination of personality and perfection as a performer. Have you stories and experiences to share with us? Move over to our Facebook Page and let us know!

ANother smart gear decision:

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