The Dave Rat Page – Audio Truths!

Dave Rat is a renowned live sound engineer, he mixes FOH for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and he runs, an audio systems service company that provides PAs and stuff for shows and festivals up to “Coachella-Level”. He knows a thing or two about audio and the gear. And he now shares his measurements and his knowledge about the tools of the trade and very often finds truth and puts it into real-life perspective.

So, if you plan to invest in monitors, in-ears, mixing desks, etc. check if Dave Rat has a review or test about it, first. Always! You’ll thank us later!

What does this have to do with guitar tone?
Everything!!! As a musician these days you must have knowledge and control over the entire transmission process. Starting at your fingertips, the initial trigger in your brain, via strings, picks, guitar, pick-ups, cables, transmitters, pedalboards, amp, mic to the mixing and final transmission to your audience, the listeners.

Here come the Dave Rat essentials:

ANother smart gear decision:

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