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Grammy-nominated Producer, Mixer, Musician, Live Sound Engineer, Composer, and an awesome person!

As two new interviews with Sean Beavan showed up these days, we take the opportunity to present a bit more about this amazing person, mixing engineer, producer, sound designer, live sound engineer, musician, composer, and performer. The writer of these lines had the pleasure and honor to meet Sean in early 2012. The Kemper Profiler was just released to the market and Sean was one of the very early adaptors. At the time he was in the middle of putting the finishing touches to Marilyn Manson’s “Born Villain” album. A little bit of music from this album was played in the video which led to some “disapproval” from the artist towards the interviewer (me, that is).

Here is that interview:

Then, and mainly because it always makes sense to have a conversation with Sean, we came back to his place we came back to meet Sean one year later o find out how the Profiler has worked for him in the long term and of course also what was going on with him in terms of music production and his own and 8mm.

Now fast forward to 2022. Sean has moved to a new studio, released music with 8mm, did a couple of film scores, sound design, and a lot of album productions. Also, he met with Craig Garber from the “Everyone Loves Guitar” channel on Youtube and discussed his entire career which gives us all a chance to learn about and understand his journey and get loads of great advice and tips and tricks and inspiration!

Find more about Sean on Twitter: @SeanBeavan, his band:, get in touch with his management:

The most recent interview here is the one with about his work with Axl Rose on “Chinese Democracy”.

ANother smart gear decision:

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