A new 5150 Plug-In is in town. AmpCraft Kazrock

Quick Review: It sounds like these things sound. It is tweakable and soundwise usable. But it comes with the same “meticulously modeled after the original” bullshit as in “there is the same EQ used for clean, crunch, lead”. Duh! So if you’d like to switch … SOS as with the Original. Why?

There is space enough for three (at least) complete channels which could then be switched? No? Why? Rant over.

I have studied over the last years a lot of modeling Plug-Ins. They all sound pretty good. But they all fall short in terms of saving and switching presets and scenes, or whatever you want to call it. And that is what digital can do best: “Give me 25 slightly different versions of document X and let me quickly switch between them … ???”

You can find it and get a free demo at: AmpCraft.com

Video soon!

ANother smart gear decision:

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