Diamond Dave calls it quits

He is/was the genre-defining, position-defining frontman for any rock band after him and Van Halen.

His singing became annoying when he got more mileage by missing the note and the lyrics and the time every once in a while.

But he still had that “larger than life” stage persona and was always witty, smart, wise and constantly exploring new things, you can find all these stories on the internet and I highly recommend them. I had always a soft spot for him, he is such an entertainer. And now he’s officially retiring. We’ll see what is behind that.

If he really will stay at home from now on or if he will just get out of that “sing higher than you can” squeeze the old geezers of rock and roll still seem to be shackled to. And for all the audience it is no fun watching them trying to find a voice that just physically isn’t there anymore. If you really need to do it, tune down, age appropriate.

Kudos to Dave for quitting that. 5 more, last shows in Vegas, at Mandalay Bay Hotel. The legendary House of Blues! Mr. Roth, thank you for the music!

ANother smart gear decision:

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