DeCoda – Chords and Leads uncovered in no Time

zPlane’s DeCoda is a software that can analyze any track and give you tempo, chords, and melody. An amazing tool for studying, sampling, and so much more!

Whenever you like a track and want to figure out the chord progression and maybe even learn the solo, lead, melody lines, there so far has been a choice of just figuring this out by ear, getting sheet music, finding it on, chordify, etc. – these are all valid methods and the more you figure this out by ear there is even some ear training involved there, but this process is error-laden and time-consuming.

Sometimes timing is the biggest issue and then it is great If you are able to reach out to a tool where you just import the audio recording into you would like the chords extracted from and boom: there is the result.

The cover gig tonight is saved. Just the singer has to copy the lyrics from apple music. Enter DeCoda.

The best first: DeCoda is really affordable. Just 36 Bucks from the zPlane Website. Just get the demo and check it out.

The basic operation is pretty simple. Getting into some of the special features can get a bit clunky, but once you learned which buttons to push (just like regular band member psychology manipulation :-)). You’ll get fast results.

DeCoda let’s you look into the inner secrets of any track. The “bubble” window on the left side allows for even selecting just some aspects of the sonic spectrum for detailed listening.

If you are interested now, just follow this link here over to the good people from Sound On Sound Magazine. They have thoroughly tested DeCoda and can tell you all about it!

So, get your DeCoda Demo and learn more here:

ANother smart gear decision:

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