Why? Mission Statements:

It’s a new guitar magazine! What the heck?

The least the world needs right now is another guitar magazine, we are sure! And that’s just because what the world needs right now is a new guitar magazine – one that’s significantly different :-). 

The guitar is just such an expressive, personal and amazing instrument. A very simple, truly analog concept: some wood, some wire – that’s it. If this meets modern technology, this simple and straightforward design can make waves, shake the world, and it is always a cool gadget to „wear” on stage, THE coolest gadget of all time.  

We want to tell you how to get the most out of the guitar. Beyond old fairy tales of valves, magical cables, the next pedal … all the myths and legends, what we consider to be snake oil. We talk about what empowers you, the player to express yourself, impress the world, or just have the most amazing quality time with your instrument.

Come back here often! We will have great inspiration and information for you. And for this, we collaborate with leading artists and brands that make the guitar and the world for guitar players a better place!

Guitar Tone!

Guitar Tone, what is it? How can you find your individual tone? And why is it called „tone“, shouldn’t it be sound? A cellist or a violinist, do they have tone or sound? Well, they should sound like themselves … and if they have something special, the musicians refer to this as „tone“. 

So, how do we find our tone? Let’s divide the answer to this question into two major parts. First, and still most importantly: tone comes from the fingers, the way you touch the strings, the strength of your grip, and the way you pluck, hit or strum the strings. How you bend and slur and tap. All the physical things you can do „to“ a guitar determine your personal style and tone. There is a lot to say about that but let it be like this for a moment.

And then there is the technical and gear aspect of guitar tone. All the amplifiers, loudspeakers, cables, picks, pedals, slides, EQs, etc., etc, etc. It is a mess, where should you start? Well, let us be your machete. Let us help you find your way through the jungle. Let us help you understand and navigate the jungle. Let us tell you where the creeks are, where the elephants go for water, where the giraffes feed themselves and the buffalo roam … err, different realm … but they are connected … see, it can become a mess soon. 

Whether you are already a seasoned player or a total noob doesn’t matter. It is always good to learn and understand the basics. And transfer this knowledge to the now and to the future because all the notes you’ll ever play are now or future notes and tones. And you want these notes to travel. To your ears, to your heart and soul, to your audience. Your audience of any size. But first things first. Welcome to the journey and enjoy the ride!

ANother smart gear decision:

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